Monday, 26 December 2011

693; Christmas, babe.

I've had a lovely few days eating, drinking and being merry, perhaps a bit too merry on Christmas Eve. It's been great, and I've received some great gifts and it's just been really relaxed. I've seen more films unintentionally in the last few days than I have in the last few months and no one got me a diary re-fill so I'll be spending the last days of the year feeling a bit lost.

Anyway here are some photos that I've taken over the three-days worth of festivities.

I figured it would be easier to section food off as it is one of the main parts of the celebration, I feel so fat right now and I don't even think I was particularly unhealthy or greedy either. The amount of roast potatoes left over, both here and when I went to Moon's was amazing, unf. The salmon and scrambled egg was a serious sight for sore eyes (literally) on Christmas morning, wasn't quite a fry-up but it definitely hit the spot. And ofcourse there's the mandatory turkey-dinner shot, because I had to. I managed to some how get forced into eating sprouts this year. FMChristmasLife, being with Moon means I'll probably have to cook them if we ever have our own Christmas.. #fattyrantend

I took way less photos than I wanted to on Christmas Eve but pubs in Dorking are dark and were super busy so I was pretty hesitant.

Table decorating went off without a hitch! But I'm very unhappy with Paperchase's snowflakes, as with sequins they get everywhere and unlike sequins they weren't that attractive once separated from the mass in the vase. The candle, which was pretty good after being used last year was also kind enough to leak wax, yes, candles can do that now.

I know these don't look that special but I made them for Christmas last year and I'm quite proud of how they've lasted so well, not too shabby for cardboard tube, wrapping paper and sequins.

At the tender age of 10, my cousin managed to bag herself a mobile phone for Christmas, it's quite a neat one too and she loves it, soon she'll be into boys and makeup, I feel so old!

We actually managed to sit down and watch the Queen's speech on Christmas day, and it was quite nice because everyone was so quiet while she was talking.

I didn't do this last year but I've seen a few other blogs that have and I got quite a few good presents and I've been doing a lot of sharing in recent months so there's no reason why I shouldn't share now. Moon got me some wonderful gifts, including tickets to see The Maccabees at the end of January (such a babe!), a lovely bracelet and the quilted jacket that I posted on here, so he'd done his homework and gets major boyfriend points.

So, this is definitely going to be a Christmas gift that going to get major use. My sister picked these up from eBay for me, and they're pretty great value for money. While I love surprises, I'll admit that I may have given her the link to this one to make sure that I would get them. I found them on Hannah Curson's blog, when she did a really cute post about her and her own sister's adventure into Christmas nail art. I can't wait to give them a go but I'm feeling so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice, I just don't have enough fingers!

This is what my friend, Lucy, got me for Christmas, sadly I don't use my compact even half as much as I used to so it's currently housing my phone, just because it's cute and might stop me from accidentally making my phone ask me to 'SAY A COMMAND', Blackberry users, am I right?

These are a pretty great pair of socks that I got from Moon, you may be reminded of previous socks I've liked or lusted over. And pugs, d'awhhh.

My cousin made everyone's presents this year and she did a pretty bang-up job, I now have another addition to my slow-growing collection of cushions.

Ignore the adorable spelling error, Moon Vistaprinted a calendAr for me, with lovely photos he picked and chose from Facebook of nice times.

Thanks for making it this far, and if you're not all Christmas'd out by now, I'll leave you to enjoy The Maccabee's Home Alone medley performed for Zane Lowe at Maida Vale. It's brilliant, you filthy animal.

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  1. Ooh you got some nail art pens! Have fun playing around with them. I keep wanting to change my nails but I don't want to waste them, it's so difficult! Haha

    I also think I have the exact same rug as you, just FYI ;)

    Merry Christmas x


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