Saturday, 3 December 2011

Christmas Wishlist 001

With only 21 sleeps left until Christmas and the usual barrage of 'what do you wants', I've decided this would be a good place for reference for when I do get asked or if people want to have a look. Despite being quite a selfish person, I also love giving so I'm having my own fun sorting out other people's presents. I don't want to risk buying things for myself with Christmas coming up and I don't want to spend money on myself when I want to buy for other people.

Here are some things I spotted today that I would like, not sure if I will carry it on but now I am unemployed again it's likely I'll be spending more than enough time on my computer looking for jobs/window shopping. I think it might also help out my boyfriend a bit as for some reason he's had a lapse in his own judgement and doesn't trust himself to know me, despite us having 5 successful Christmases under our belts.

All New Look.
I'd basically like some things to keep me warm because I'm a lot colder than normal with the seasonal change, even with cardigans, sweater vests and coats. Brrrr!
Chunky Striped Jumper
Block Stripe Jumper
Spot Ankle Leggings
Annie Floral Hooded Jacket

Geek Girls Unite — I saw this book in Rough Trade last weekend and it looks like a really good read, maybe I'll try and make it the last book I buy before I get my own place/at least a book shelf, I should get around to reading everything properly too.
52 Photographic Projects — This book looks like a lot of fun and I'm really on the search for some new technical ideas and fun things to do with my camera.

Models Own Beetlejuice Collection

Panda egg cup
1990's Colouring Book

2012 Animal Calendar

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