Wednesday, 21 December 2011


I've been a bit busy doing Christmassy things and catching up on my movie-watching. Here are some photos from the last week.

At the weekend, Moon, Chris and I went over to the Isle of Wight to stay with our friends Pip and Stacy and see our other Uni friends. It was a quick stopover but it was great to see everyone. They live in Cowes, which is lovely, even if they don't know what a carnival is.
Look at my cool 1980s socks that I found at the back of my sock draw, lovely and warm. ♥

As you may be able to to gather from this photo, this is clearly a parade of some sort, not, as advertised, a carnival. It was quite pretty but it was so cold, the kids that were taking part definitely had some guts.

Rather than needlessly following the parade, as the rest of Cowes seemingly was, we decided to go to a pub, which was much warmer and played better music than the one we had had lunch in.

In the morning we went out to a greasy spoon café called Eegons, which was delicious and had a great interior. It also had some cool challenges, Long completed the bronze one with gusto, but didn't look so hot afterwards.

For some reason, Stacy was still hungry when we got back to the house, so decided - as Richard had brought him down 1kg of bacon - to make a bacon weave. It was fine, but then they covered it in cheese, I can honestly say that I don't think I've ever seen bacon in such an unappetising light.

I told you it was just a quick stopover, anyway, we're now in the full-on lead up to Christmas and despite minimal playing of Christmas songs and still not watching 'The Muppets Christmas Carol', I'm feeling very festive. I've got all my wrapping done and I'm well and truly feeling a proper Christmas run down, i.e. lazy and relaxed.

I am in charge of table decorating this year for the second year in a row and picked up this beaut reindeer from Paperchase. I've been feeling a bit let down by Paperchase's Christmas collection this year as last year was so good, but I've still managed to source a few things. I think this will make a nice addition to the table and it's swirly antlers are going to go really well with the swirly christmas tree candle I have from last year. #decoratingnerdend

This is the wrapping paper I'll be using this year. The Hello Kitty one was a bargain from BHS and the others were 3 for 2 from Paperchase, after a lot of rooting. I love the starry one, they're fuzzy, amazing!

I'm feeling a bit groggy today, not sure why but I hope it clears up. No exciting plans at the moment but maybe some nice photo opportunities will come up. I've had a few job leads in the last couple of days which is encouraging as we begin to approach the new year, not sure how much point there is in applying for much as everyone is pretty much wound down for Christmas now...

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