Thursday, 29 December 2011

Photography Nerds are the Best!

I'm not talking about people who buy the latest lenses and cameras every 2 months, because due to my current financial situation those people are douchebags and can go in the bin for the time being. I'm talking about the ones with camera-related merchandise. Photojojo, was definitely a website made for those guys and I'm actually a bit sad that everything is so reasonably priced.

I think you should check it out if you're into (only slightly) novelty cameras, different accessories or just general camera-shaped things, because camera's are pretty. The main Photojojo website also posts cool tips and tricks to try out and make the most of your budding or advanced photography skills. Not only are the prices of items really good but even to the UK, shipping from the Photojojo store is really affordable, starting at just $12.
Photojojo store

Here's some of my favourite things I found whilst browsing the Photojojo store.

Digital Time-lapse Camera, $149Link.
I've kind of been lusting over this one for a while, when I first saw it on The Dainty Squid. Time lapse is so fashionable at the moment, I seriously am considering this one, I'm just waiting to have something fun to use it for.

Underwater Digital Camera, $35Link.
I am all about taking pictures all the time, but much less about getting sand on lenses or - even worse - inside cameras. This looks very similar to the 35mm camera I picked up for $HK90 in Hong Kong but it's digital, so there's much less chance of getting severely ripped off by Boots. Maybe the price of this one will mean there could be ones at a similar price brought out in the UK. That would be exciting as underwater housing is ridiculously expensive, rightly so really, but not really a necessity overall.

Lens Pillow, $59Link.
These are so cute and you can pick either a Canon or a Nikon, depending on your camera preference. It would be much better if they were about 3 times the size, but I still think they're a neat idea, for the photography enthusiast who has everything.

Keep Calm and Snap On Print, $15Link
These are a definite contender for my office space in my someday home, I think I'm going to have to be careful not to overload the place with 'Keep Calm'-influenced merch.

Colour Lens and Flash Filters, $15Link.
These appeal to the photographer in me, and appear to be a lot more durable than pieces of acetate that I've previously used.

Film roll USB, $20Link.
Unf, why not?

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