Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Ballerina 54 Lighting Shoot.

.:Continued from below:.
These are the images relevant to the lighting workshop shoot, they are basically test shots for what we were going to take on the 54's, although, some of these contribute to what could be considered our final images for this session.
With the digital cameras, the Bowen lights were working as slave lights so we got lighting from both flash lights. I got to use my Speedlight for this, which made me quite pleased, I've really been getting my money's worth with it recently.
Images that Abbie took with my camera as well as more images showing the 'production' can be found in this Facebook album.

© Ruth Johnston 2009

A funny story to go along with the shoot is that the roof of the theatre leaked half-way through - thought it was pretty poignant considering the problems I've been having - couldn't help laughing. It even leaked around the same amount, but from a much great height, can't believe how big the puddle was.

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