Saturday, 21 January 2012

Hardly recent.

I've not really had the get-up and go to take photographs what with the terrible weather and generally being a bit pre-occupied recently. It feels like two or three weeks since I shot the #DitchingDieting march, which is crazy because it was only at the beginning of the week.

I've been cat-sitting for my Gran in Dorking this week, not very exciting but it's nice to have the company of Suzie because she actually cares if you pet her or pay her attention. Dolly needs to get her shit together and learn how to be a real cat.

It's not been a stimulating week really, one of those weeks where you apply for job after job and get almost nothing. I've had a rejection from one of the jobs I interviewed for last week, so that's a bit of a bummer, but I'll be interning for a couple of weeks from the 1st February at a magazine called Shortlist, I would do it for longer but I simply can't sustain that lifestyle anymore. Someone just needs to recognise my talent, like now so I can be an adult.
I have a few pretty exciting jobs to apply for today and then I'm hoping Moon can come over for steak, I've got to time it well because he's working nights at weekends at the moment, so I don't want to wake him up too soon.

Here are some photos that I took at the beginning of the week. How many of you have figured out how to get your free Facebook business cards from, it's a pretty sweet deal. I already have some really nice ones from Moo, so I had a bit of fun with these ones, but they're a really good idea, especially on a promotional level both for Facebook integration and itself. I thought the quote on the back looked really good, I'll be so impressed if you can tell me where it's from, even my most-knowledgeable friend on the subject didn't manage it.

Last weekend my Gran brought round this book, it's kind of like a baby book for cats. My Gran said she's had it for ages, since we got Felix but she just kept it. It's quite a nice idea but quite tough to fill in for Dolly because there's so much we don't know about her, I'm still going to give it a go though.

Obviously, a 'random' blog post wouldn't be complete without some photos of Dolly Cat herself. She's actually getting much easier to photograph as she's becoming less and less skittish, no where near on Suzie level yet, but we'll give her a little more time.

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