Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Year's Eve 2k11/2

Well hey, it would seem my exciting news is growing by the day but I'll put it all in a new post because otherwise these photos will never be seen, unless you count Facebook, eventually.

So, New Year's Eve was kind of uneventful and maybe if that's the case that's exactly how the rest of the year will shape up, although the last five days have definitely gone against this.
Moon and I stayed in at his house, after picking his brother, Edward and his brother's girlfriend, Charlotte, up at the airport in the early evening. We played Ring of Fire, which is arguably a bit 'Uni', I know, but it loosened people up, and it was quite fun. I think the last picture pretty much sums up how I was feeling by the end of it, and that's pretty satisfactory.

Excuse the horrid face, apparently drinking a mixture of everyone's drink is not really a good idea.

Naturally the boys picked on each other a bit in the end, but it was a satisfying way to see in the New Year, and probably better than spending lots to get into a nightclub I wouldn't have wanted to go to and even more for drinks that probably aren't even nice.
Moon and I rounded up the evening with the tail-end of Jools Holland's Hootenanny, which was pretty poor in comparison to previous years, and watching a really long highlight reel for Glastonbury 2011. Not too shabby really, go to the next post and I'll tell you some more current things, New Year's Eve is so five days ago...

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