Thursday, 26 January 2012


I'm just dumping this here for my reference because I'll probably forget ASOS exists or something and then their 30-day stint on my 'Save for Later' list will be over and they'll be lost forever.
But just so it's not just a wish-list post, here is how my nails look at the moment. I like this photo, the bokeh from my top is quite nice.

Models Own: Aciiied (current fave ♥)
Models Own: Jade Stone
Design: Trusty eBay nail-art pens.
I used this tutorial for the flowers but adapted it to use the nail-art pens, firstly because it was easier, and secondly because I've not used them as much as I wanted, must steer away from leopard spots at some point!

So yes, I was browsing ASOS this morning, but resisted buying anything because I'm currently saving, not for anything in particular but I'm determined not to waste it on clothes. Saying that, I'm going to Brick Lane/Spitalfields on Saturday, some money is bound to go on clothes, I'm going to try my best though...

Faux Fur Hooded Coat with Ears, £40
So tempting, I think I'd want it a shade darker though, Moon would hate this but it looks so warm and cute.

Plastic Rain Mac, £50

PANAMA Platform Peep-toes with Strawberry trim, £55

PELICAN Platform Peep-toe Car Print Block Heels, £55

Underground Wulfrun Cindy Pink Creepers with Leopard, £89
Still totally in love with the BRONX pair from New Look and these are more expensive, but look! I'd really like a pair of creepers but why do they have to cost so much?

ASOS Watermelon Bikini
Top, £18
Bottoms, £14
I wouldn't for the simple reason that I don't even come close to looking like this, but I thought it was pretty cute and that I'd share it anyway. It's also a little bit ridiculous.

Tracksuit bottoms with Bright Spot Print, £35

Jonathan Saunders Fitted Cotton Shirt with Triangle Print, £185
This is beyond the realms of possibility because there is no way in hell that I would pay that much for a cotton shirt, ever, let alone the original price of £370. But it's a dream, the contrasting collar, the print, ughgh!

Mac with Contrasting Panels, £80
I'm still very much on the look out for a new coat, and if this one had a hood, I'd be sold, but it doesn't so I'll just admire how adorable that bow belt is.

PURR Over Lasted Suede Wedge, £75

Jumper with Pixelated Bunny, £85

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