Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Maccabees, Brixton Academy.

I'm behind on my life right now, but I'm back on top, so hello.
Pretty much don't need to tell you that I thought The Maccabees were absolutely amazing on Thursday night, probably the best that I've ever heard them sound. It was a bit of a shame because Moon had bought us circle tickets and for some reason we weren't allowed to stand up at all (but we all did at the end and it was amazing to collectively feel so much love for the band). Despite this, it was pretty much a perfect set, with them playing my favourite song from each of their albums, which is always a winner when going to a gig.

They were supported by the Trailer Trash Tracies, who were a bit of a disappointment, with songs mainly consisting of self-indulgent wailing and an off-time drumbeat. They were only on for half an hour but it does make me a bit sad that I didn't get another Josh Weller or Mumford and Sons out of this show. I don't want to seem like this was in anyway a big deal, because it definitely wasn't, anyone could have played and it still wouldn't have taken away from my excitement over seeing The Maccabees again.

Thank you so much, Maccabees for putting on such a brilliant show and I'm already looking forward to seeing you in June at Alexandra Palace.

In relation to my previous Maccabees-related post, I did pick up another t-shirt, so that's six now, but I got Bolognese sauce all over it when I wore it yesterday so I can't share it with you. I also got my hands on one of their awesome fabric posters which I've put away safely and am waiting to put in a frame.

I didn't take many photos because I was too busy being in awe and swooning, but here are some that I did take.

'I don't mind telling you, that I was a bit nervous about tonight. We've been hear before but it was different then, there's a lot more to it, with a new album. It's the best album, in my opinion, you can ask theirs later...'
Orlando Weeks

We got given free sweets and pretzels in the queue by an O2 rep. Although it didn't matter in the end because we were seated, I thought it was pretty cheeky, not the mention unfair, that people who just happened to be on O2 were allowed into the venue first despite the fact that there were people who had arrived much earlier and the fact that the former probably didn't even realise that they got the perks, talk about negative-marketing.

There were two girls next to us who must have taken at least 50 photos posed like this in their seats, why? We only took this one, then Moon took about 7 on my phone of us looking ugly from horrible angles :(

This is the impressive amount of legroom we got for most of The Trailer Trash Tracies. I'm fairly certain it wasn't even the people in front's fault, but for some reason their seats pushed back really far when they sat a certain way so we had nowhere to really put ourselves.

Sorry the photos are so noisy, I only took my point-and-shoot and although it serves me well in this kind of situation, I think we were just too far away to get any decent ones. However, I think it's much more fun to go to a gig and listen to the music and enjoy what's happening than take photos all the time. I don't understand people who go to gigs and video all the songs, I'm sure that they would enjoy it ten-fold if they just relaxed.

Although my photos don't really show it, the light for their set was brilliant and had a great mix of colours from really good angles. At the back of the stage they also played snippets of their short film, Given to the Wild, which accompanies the album.

Take at look at Moon's review of the gig on TuneLove, the music blog he writes for; Click here.

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