Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tuesday Tabs. #3

I don't think that I know how to deal with my life at the moment, it seems like the second that I lose my motivation is the moment that I suddenly get loads on at once, weird. This happens every few weeks and in my 'lack of things to do' this morning, I sort of noticed a pattern... Shut up.

Anyway, there's a lot to do now. No, stuffing envelopes is not what I would hope to be doing but at least it's a sustainable job that allows me to save up some money for my upcoming internship.

This should be a good week, I'm seeing my favourite band of all time on Thursday and then I'm meeting my friend Abbie for a day in Shoreditch on Saturday, exciting.

Poor Chrome is so backed up this week, I totally put it down to hanging out and cat-sitting at my Gran's for the majority of last week. But sometimes being on the Internet is fun and you can find some really neat stuff. I kind of really love how my blog has morphed into this scrap-booky place where I dump cool things I find and my wishlists, it's going to be fun to refer back to once don't feel like I'm on borrowed time, which is totally what I'm blaming my terrible nerves on. ♥

Dragon necklace, £30, Tatty Devine
So, to celebrate the fact that it was Chinese New Year yesterday and the fact that this year is the Year of the Dragon, Tatty Devine have released this cute dragon necklace. Slightly different to their normal stuff but still pretty cute.

I've liked Holly's work for a while now but recently I've been really into it, and loving the work she's putting out there. This image, and a selection of great other ones are available to buy on her Society 6 page, I think this one and it's brother are definitely must-haves for my future kitchen.

Chocolate Wicker Bag, £11.88, Circus Bear Vintage
Semi-fallen for this wicker handbag on Kaylah's (from The Dainty Squid) Etsy shop. I think it would be lovely for spring and I've been looking around for something similar for a little while now. Circus Bear Vintage also has some of the prettiest shoes, but I think I have too many, luckily I'm not too hot on working out the size differences.

Umming and ahhing over whether to buy tickets to see him in October, where will I even be (probably still here)? But I thought this was yet another great video from him, I really hope that the 'talking' cat is a reference to 'Beginners' because that would be nice.

Slowly but surely discovering the immensity of Kitties & Bullshit.

These are all over London, I think they're great and they're so neatly organised. I think this one is my favourite.

Shelf Porn.

Best episode of 'New Girl' so far. Dammit!

I think it makes everything better when you have a healthy amount of Marc Johns in your life.

Link love:
  • Design Cove — A really great blog I found which features some great branding and graphic design. I can't find much additional information about it because it's in 'new Blogger' format, but it's worth a look if you're interested in design and fonts, there are some pretty inspirational pieces.
  • We Are Handsome — Awesome bathing suit designers who have perfected the art of bringing together photographs and swim wear, classic. For those who don't have enough bear on their swimwear.
  • The Girl with 7 Horses — Interesting photography series combining clothing, imagination and beautiful landscape. It's tough to explain, but it's also a bit brilliant.
  • Etsy Play On: Being Alive — A great blog series that I must pay more attention to. This one is presented by illustrator Julia Pott as she guides us through a playlist featuring the likes of Rob Ryan and other neat artists that show us how great it is to be alive.
  • Noted: The Unseen Tours of London — Definitely going to start reading the Etsy blog, I feel like it's very important.
  • Unpaid Internships: Rights and Wrongs — A fab guide to unpaid internships through the eyes of illustrator, Holly Exley. Really summed up the pros and cons on unpaid internships perfectly, and helped me put some personal things into perspective. Her blog is quite good anyway though, you should just have a look.
  • Top 10 Best Disney Sidekicks
  • Kitties and Bullshit — Bookmarks staple for any budding cat-lady.
  • How to Dye your Pet — I wouldn't, ever, but white is apparently a great colour to work with...
  • How to make an 'Up' pincushion
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