Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Tuesday Tabs. #1

I am a total Internet hoarder, happy to throw away countless physical possessions, I will keep things I want, interesting or pretty sites in my Chrome tabs for weeks, sometimes months, before reviewing the situation, and usually even that doesn't change anything anyway.
So that's why I keep sharing these things with you, so more time can pass before I review things, and so I can keep a note of where things are, should I ever acquire enough money or be in the right situation to purchase these items. Today is a bit different though because I have a few neat videos and stuff like that to show you too.
I think this is how I'll do these from now on, it has a better ring to it and I've kind of been struggling with titles.

On Sunday, I spent nearly all afternoon browsing Etsy after reading a blog that Moon's brother's girlfriend posted about camera straps. I didn't even end up looking at camera straps that much, but there was a bit of that too. Why can't I just have everything on Etsy?

Magnet set, £2.65, Seas and Peas

Origami boat ring, £21.19, Monte Azul Estudio

Lovely stop-motion advertisement for a bookshop, what do books get up to when you're not around?

'Shake On It; It's Not Crazy, It's Sports' - ESPN Advertisement. Epitomises how ridiculous men and boys can be, all sitting around, eating each others hats.

Naughy Kitten badge set, £3.32, Den Uartige Kat
Adding to the creation of my 'crazy cat lady' phase.

Fictitious Cat Series, Uncle Crosby, £6.63, Cornflower Blue Studio

Origami animal softies, £15.91, Bug 'N' Bird

Kitty Cat About to Pounce badge, £1.33, BRadleyBB
This is mainly here because I thought placing these simple badges in such a decadent frame was a pretty neat idea and that it looks quite nice.

Moose kitchen towel holder, £23.21, Aspen Metal
Seeing this reminded me that I've been coveting a carrot and rabbit paper towel holder for some time. I just think it would be fun to have something a bit different, just because you need something, definitely doesn't mean it should be standard.

This is amazing, but I'm going to be a bit mean and not share it's source because I plan on snapping it up myself when I can justify the P&P and basically once enough time has passed since my mega splurge yesterday.

'Old Sketch' Camera Strap, £13.26, A LAB Craft
After reading Charlotte's blog post about camera straps and having seen custom camera straps elsewhere, I did a bit of research and found the goldmine for custom camera straps that is A LAB Craft. I'm seriously thinking about it.

'Lemon Measures Vert' Camera Strap, £13.26, A LAB Craft

Echino Camera Ruffle Dress, £36.47, Belly of a Whale
Absolutely adorable.

Echino Camera Print Strap, £19.89, Belly of a Whale

Home Letters - Pillows and Inserts, £63.66, Counter Couture Design

Flap Analogue Wall Clock, £130, Habitat
Dream clock.

'Movie titles in Movies

Link love:
  • 'Getting Older - How Has Your Style Changed', A Little Bird Told Me — I haven't been following this blog for very long but I like it already. This post really got my attention though, I've already started thinking about whether I should start dressing 'more like a grown up' or whether there's any real need to, ever...
  • Vintage Fayre — A beautiful online boutique selling art, vintage clothing and re-loved vintage furniture.
  • Lemon & Spinach Lasagna, HelloGiggles.com — A tasty recipe for a different twist on vegetarian lasagna. Although I'm not vegetarian, I usually find that most vegetarian pasta dishes are more tasty than their meat counterparts, I'd quite like to give this a go.
  • Fallen Princesses — Photography series by Dina Goldstein showing the audience what happened to the princesses after their happy ending.
  • 'Given to the Wild' for £5, 7digital — Bargain!
  • Urhajos — Probably my favourite Tumblr at the moment, they post the cutest artwork.
  • Back of A Webpage — I went back through my Tumblr and came across this, a neat graphics/branding exercise that shows what the back of a website would look like.
  • Beauty Bay — My sister alerted me to this one, great site that offers free delivery and slightly discount prices on top quality beauty products.
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