Monday, 9 January 2012

'Given to the Wild'

So, I'm sat here, giving 'Given to the Wild' its first considered, and long-awaited listen. I'm currently on Glimmer and I think it's pretty much certain that, despite my worries, they've delivered. I wonder whether I would have thought otherwise anyway, I've been a fan for such a long time and I've been waiting for their follow up to 'Wall of Arms' for almost half of that time, but I think I would know if I was being mugged off.

I know what I like and I love this. Maybe they won't keep the fans who jizz all over 'Toothpaste Kisses' and 'Latchmere', and they're great songs too, but artistically, I think it's important to allow a band like The Maccabees to grow. I never wanted to see them play the two same albums forever, and I'm proud that they've taken the time to produce something so beautiful. I'm glad they didn't let me down and I'm psyched to finally have the chance to clue myself up before seeing them in a couple of weeks, another reason why I'm glad that I'm happy with 'Given to the Wild'.

I did try and think of a constructive, proper, official way to write a review, but how could I? How can I be impartial about something I'm genuinely excited and slightly overwhelmed by? I'm basically just letting you know that I love them, which you probably already knew, and that I love this album, which was probably a given (lol).

You can download 'Given to the Wild' on iTunes now.

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