Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Ditching Dieting.

So, on Monday, as I mentioned yesterday, Jake, a lovely guy I met on the Ready for Work march back in October tweeted me asking if I would go up to Embankment to meet him and take some photos for the organisation he campaigns for, Body Gossip.

The march was a union of women against the unnecessary but unavoidable pressure to diet and 'better ourselves' during the post-Christmas period. Yes, dieting is about being healthy, but the message being sent out is that dieting will be good because you'll be able to fit into 'that dress' or 'those jeans', hardly a satisfactory way to promote self-esteem.

Here are the photos I took at Monday's march, luckily there were plenty of photo opportunities before the march but I did have to resort to my phone halfway through as my camera, despite (although probably due to) having battery for nearly three weeks, decided to die. I think I got some good shots though and I'd love to know what you think of the photos and what you think of the campaign.

Do you think that in-your-face diet promotion creates a lack of self-esteem?

The Body Gossip team
@MooseyJake, @BodyGossipRuth, @BodyGossipSarah and @BodyGossipTash

Body Gossip were amongst other organisations such as BEAT, Any Body and Pink Stinks joining the Ditching Dieting campaign by Endangered Species Women.
Founded in 2006 by Ruth Rogers, Body Gossip is an inspirational campaign working with real people and celebrating the importance of body confidence. The youth campaign run by Body Gossip, Gossip School educates young people about eating disorders, self-harm and self-confidence and is even backed by Gok Wan.

There are more photos taken by me already on the Body Gossip website.

Official Body Gossip website
Follow Body Gossip on Twitter
Endangered Species Women
More information about the Ditching Dieting march

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