Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Big circles.

So, my internship at Shortlist came to an end this evening and tomorrow I'll return to the nomadic wasteland that is 'official unemployment'. Such is the life of an intern; we arrive with our forgettable names and impeccable tea-making ability, not to mention our second-to-none printing and filing skills, and then before you know it our time is up and you've got someone else's name to remember and they make even better tea – just by the way, I do make a pretty cracking up of tea, so...

I think I will miss feeling like I was part of something, even if for a brief (unpaid) moment. However, I kind of feel the whole internship experience was kind of ruined for me this time around, simply by the commute. I mean the work itself was engaging and motivating, the journey to the office, was not. I stuck it out though, and despite the fact that I wound up with not much to do for the final couple of days, I think I got what I needed to out of it, and I feel like the world of publishing, particularly weekly publications, is much less scary.

It's been a bit of a weird one because I had the weekend off, then was at Shortlist, then had my official day off, then I worked again today and now I've finished, so no more Central line commute for me ♥.
I've got a load of photos to share with you from these days off. I hope this mentality is something I maintain when I am working full-time, it's still fun to be out and about, even if you have time off.
On Sunday I was at Moon's, I've actually seen a lot of him this week, which is nice because I've been used to barely seeing him. We began the afternoon with a coffee at Costa in Dorking, and then after a tasty Sunday roast (courtesy of his Mum), we had a wander through the countryside around his house. It was such a sunny day it would have been a shame to waste it, spring is so close I can almost feel it. Saying that, I was pretty grimey for most of today thanks to the weather's snap decision to rain ice needles whenever I was outside.
It's funny how you can forget that you're surrounded by somewhere pretty, all because of silly little things.

My hair is crazy long at the moment, it's kind of starting to get in the way of daily tasks but I kind of love it. There's also some highlights going on some how, I haven't dyed my hair in over a year...

We encountered some sheep and they were lovely.

I felt quite brave rocking these in the mud, not just because they're my faves, but also because they're suede. However, they're my favourites for a reason, hooray for platforms, even though I had to scrape off the mud, they're still perfect. :)

On Monday, Moon met me at my mum's restaurant after work and we had a relaxing night in catching up on our favourite American TV shows.
The following day, we job hunted in the morning before a tasty lunch and after that we went to Richmond Park for another long walk. Perhaps there's only so many times I can take my camera to Richmond Park, but there's so much to see there and we found the Isabella Plantation, which will be beautiful when spring decides to show up. Also, there were actually deer hanging around this time, unlike last time.

So much love for this huge circular window; imagine the light, not to mention the satisfaction.

Our second deer-sighting, I think we manage to see each of the different breeds that Richmond Park has to offer, and they're all so pretty.

Moon kept his distance from each group of deer we encountered, while I'd love to say that it's because, despite his macho exterior, Moon simply doesn't want to frighten the deer. It's actually because he was a bit scared of them. I don't blame him, what with their huge antlers and everything but it would seem that despite being only a couple of metres away, I am still here so there you go.

Fancy a dip?

This was the last group of deer we saw before we got back to the car, I actually don't understand how this many, let alone the amount we saw in total could hide that well.

A real funny bugger did this to poor old Aggie. :(

After Moon left, with it being Shrove Tuesday, I made pancakes and they were amazing. My memories of last year's Pancake Day are funny — after making delicious pancakes for myself I proceeded to watch the boys be incredibly disappointed with the shop-bought shake-up pancake mix they went out and bought, I made the mistake once myself, never again, especially when making them is so easy and cheap.

So that was my Sunday through Tuesday and it was nice and looking over these has actually made me feel pretty positive. In fact, finishing up at Shortlist, with the experience that I've gained, I'm feeling pretty great about that too.
Sorry this was such a long one, but it was so difficult to choose and I had hardly any time between to make a selection, added to my dwindling energy levels, I'm afraid this is what you're left with. I don't think I'll be giving anything up for Lent, as my life is currently a rather big compromise in comparison to how I would like it to be, but I'm going to try and spend more time enjoying things over constantly job hunting - semi-adapting to the lovely Jenna Birks' way of thinking. I will still be searching (I can't afford not to) but hopefully the high I'm on will last and help to keep my motivation up until something does come along.

Finally - I may as well say now because this post isn't getting any shorter anyway - I've got an interview with Alamy next week, which is so exciting and I'm so excited about. It's big ol' them and it's little ol' me and it's just so good, I'd really love for it to work out.

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