Sunday, 26 February 2012


Hello second post of the day. I'm on top of things for once. I've uploaded everything onto eBay, and even already have a few watchers, and I've got my outfit from today to show you as well as photos of my babe.

I went to Wing Yip with my Mum, sister, auntie and cousins this morning/afternoon for dim sum and ate myself to death. That's the danger of dim sum, so much choice, so little room in your stomach.
I spent the rest of today playing in the garden with my cat, talking on the phone with Moon and uploading those clothes onto eBay, pretty productive Sunday if you ask me.

So not looking forward to the Jobcentre tomorrow, really looking forward to heading down to Dorking to visit my Gran afterwards though, but super-silly nervous about my Alamy interview on Tuesday, eep!

Shirt: H&M
Necklaces: Topshop, H&M
Bracelet: Gift from Moon
Playsuit: Primark
Belt: Dorothy Perkins (with dress)
Tights: Superdrug
Shoes: Converse/Amazon

I actually really love this playsuit but it was stuffed in the back of my chest of drawers for months and it has a tendency to get a bit 'bummy' when not enforced so not the best for winter, which is why the nice weather was a good excuse. I'm really glad that spring is trying to let us know that it's around the corner. Not that that doesn't terrify me at the same time due to the fact that it will soon be nearly eight months since I officially graduated and, not including internships, will be eight months that I've been unemployed, which is very uncool.

I was so happy when I remembered that I had this, it also makes up for the fact that my watch is stuck at Moon's house until I see him at the tail end of next week. I never thought I that I wouldn't like naked wrists.

My cousin has two young sons and this is a drawing of a cat that my mum did to entertain the youngest. She was kind of absent-mindedly doing it too, so it would seem that I'm not the only who's feeling a bit cat-centric since the arrival of our feline friend.

I'm trying to start to compare how she's grown since we got her, I know she has but I haven't got any real evidence. She's definitely more ballsy in any case, not to mention more of a pain, but look how beautiful and white she is in natural daylight :)

Hope you had a proper Sunday like I did. Fingers crossed for the chilling out to continue into next week, I don't mind so much about the impending stress of Tuesday though, obviously.

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