Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Happy (day after) Valentine's Day!

So, I missed out on sharing things from the Internet with you this week, but I didn't have much so I'll just post a bit more next week. Did you have a lovely Valentine's Day, I did.

In fact, Moon and I spread Valentine's out a bit this year, in a bid to avoid crowds mainly. Although people-watching is brilliant, waiting an unnecessarily long time for food is not.
I put a bit of thought into how I was going to go about things this year, and even got Moon a gift, although it's kind of a gift for both of us.

I've spent so much time this week just day-dreaming, I've actually been feeling a bit down in the dumps recently. I think the long-distance thing is getting to me and the lack of money/job is incredibly frustrating - I've had three rejections this week, THREE! It was wonderful to spend some time together though and go out to dinner, which we can't really do at the moment so it truly was a novelty. So maybe we did go out because it was Valentine's Day so we were those kind of people but it was a good excuse to do something nice.

I saw these sitting at the front of Inspitalfields when I was in Shoreditch on Saturday and I thought they would make a really nice Valentine's gift, kind of to myself but also to Moon, because I'm a bit of a sop like that. I was a bit gutted later when I 'Amazonned' some Rob Ryan stuff when I got home and found they were a lot cheaper there, but another part of me was pleased that I'd picked them up from Inspitalfields anyway. I wanted to keep the lady one and have Moon have the other, but they're now sitting in their box back over at his house...

Body Glitter Gel, £2.99 each, Oxford Circus Topshop
I picked these up on a whim, but I think they'll last ages, and they're so pretty. I was a bit unsure about the heart one due to the arguably limited occasions I could wear it, but you know what, I'll probably just wear it when I want, I even wore the other one into work today.

Heart-shaped ring, £4, Topshop

I picked these up at Urban Ears, Boxpark and I think they're so cute. My favourite is the brown one. A pair of Urban Ears have made it to my list, but I think it should be a while until I can get some.

I was so pleased to finally get some tea lights for my tea light holders. Not only do they smell like clean linen, but they're also teal, thank you Wilkinsons.

I picked up this beaut from Oxford Circus Topshop too, did you guess I was into teal? It's such a nice polish too, goes on with no bubbles even if it's a bit thick; really encourages me to put more Topshop nail varnishes to the test.

I think one of the big things I miss so far about living away from home is baking. I hardly bake anymore, but yet again V-Day came up as a great excuse.

So, this was my 13th February make up. I hope I didn't look too weird.
For our day-early Valentine's meal we went to a little place in Brockham called The Grumpy Mole, which used to be The Duke's Head. The food was so tasty from starter to dessert and I had my first 'wellington'. If you don't like food, just look at that mole's face.

Moon's main course — Red Thai Curry

The crème brûlée lived up the the Amélie test. Nomz ♥

I wish Moon had taken a few of me, because I'm not going to lie, my hair was pretty great. But I got these neat snaps of him so I care a bit less.

Moon's card to me, he was sad that there were too many fluffy soppy cards, what a boy.

So, I bought this and we had a lovely, simple lunch. ♥

We rounded off Valentine's afternoon with a screening of The Muppets, which was a lot more of a musical than I expected, but I don't even care, it was great and worth the wait.

I'll be finishing up this evening with some personal admin before getting a big sleep in preparation for tomorrow's early start, some how February is passing me by...

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