Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Tuesday Tabs. #5

Wow, we're five weeks in already!

Just putting this out there as a quick warning, with exactly a week to go until Valentine's Day, this post might creep in a few heart-shaped things. When it really boils down to it, I'm in the crowd that believes that if you love someone, you should celebrate it everyday, not just because a date dictates as such. However, until the day comes when it's acceptable to put lovehearts on everything and the colour scheme of life is red, white and pink (not that I wish it to come to this either), I'll be enjoying Valentine's day with a heart-shaped box of chocolates, a mushy card and a mandatory evening meal out, sorry.
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Oh what a great life it is that I can rekindle my love for older episodes of New Girl now showing on Channel 4, while enjoying the even funnier second half of the first series. Zooey Deschanel has well and truly established herself as a legitimate girl-crush, despite the fact that I still don't get the appeal of 500 Days of Summer.

365 Lucky Days is a 365 blog with a twist. Lucky Jackson has set herself the challenge to make a piece of art every day for a whole year. She's currently channelled this task into these cute embroideries, which are taking a film-theme at the moment. Definitely on my 'want' list. You can buy some of these unique pieces over at Lucky's BigCartel

Big Breakfast tray, £20, Urban Outfitters
So, maybe this isn't quite '£20 cute', but trays can be useful and although it doesn't go with my future kitchen's imaginary decor, I'm finding myself trying to find a place for it...

Altru Walking Leopards Tee, £30, Urban Outfitters
Forget the price and just look at it for what it is, a really cute t-shirt... *sigh*

Audiowood Chipmunk Turntable, £551.27, Audiowood
What hipster home wouldn't be complete without a record player? I'm definitely resigned to the fact that I'm well and truly dating a hipster and he's almost getting worse, but with this is my home, why would something like that even matter? It is a bit pricey but it's great inspiration for what we might want to be on the look out for in the future.

High-waisted knickers with a teal heart, £19.48, Knicker Rocker
Handmade knickers aren't something that have ever crossed my mind before, it sounds pretty silly actually, but some of these designs are super cute. I'm trying my hardest to resist the unnecessary spends.

Underground Wulfrun Green Suede Creepers, £85, ASOS
Creepers are hard to get away from right now, were these ones not so out-of-this-world-out-of-my-price-range, I'd be on them so fast. They're near enough my favourite colour, and what I am I to do now that the BRONX Dalmation brogues on the New Look website seem to be permanently out of stock?

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Everyone, ever needs to see this.

I found this photo while researching Charlie Chaplin at Shortlist last week. It's Drew Barrymore as the man himself, such a cutie.

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Some cutie down at Rounder Records in Brighton has done this wicked street art to mark the release of The Maccabees' latest album, 'Given to the Wild'. I certainly hope it was the same genius back in 2009 when 'Wall of Arms' was released.

Cute short film about a grumpy girl who finds her match in a equally downtrodden balloon.

Vintage 80s Heart-Shaped Telephone, £25.32, North Star Vintage

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