Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Move to the Beat of London 2012.

I'm a little indifferent to London 2012. I hope it will do good things to London but there's a lot of pessimism both inside me and around me that says otherwise. London can barely handle two rush hours a day, yet there's an expectation that the transport system has the capacity to handle an extra three million journeys a day, just by making everyday commuters 'take a holiday', avoid London altogether or walk, not really good enough, especially when the trains aren't even nice.

Where I am concerned, transport is the tiniest issue as I hope to be based elsewhere, although never say never. Anyway although 'everything Olympics' is bound to be in our faces even once those two weeks are over, I thought I'd share Mark Ronson's neat, Olympic-inspired track (no pun intended) with you. Despite having been undoubtedly sounded pretty samey for the last four or five years, I think Ronson's really done something great with this one. I'm a big fan of things like 'STOMP' and the use of everyday items as instruments, so this was bound to please me. You may have spotted the Coca-Cola advert on television recently and obviously something as simple as this couldn't be related to the Olympics without being a bit commercial, but it's still clever and a definite must-watch.

Full-length 'Move to the Beat of London' Coca-Cola advert

Ronson has spent months working with athletes collecting sounds from their field and put it all to a beat to make something pretty catchy. Everything comes together as the Coca-Cola advertisement above, but has also be documented by director Kim Gehrig to show the journey from initial idea to finished product, and that's what looks like the really interesting part.

Even if the Olympics does end up making London look stupid, Mark Ronson, with his weird English-American'ness', will have gained a legacy, or at least acknowledgement that he isn't just all about trumpets. I might have left Katy B out of it though.
Beat 2012 Documentary Trailer by Kim Gehrig of Some Such & Co.

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