Sunday, 26 February 2012

Rinse, repeat.

Definitely beginning to feel a little stale and repetitive, I'll try and be a bit more exciting soon. Probably not going to apologise for having obvious interests though ♥

Here is a photo of me trying to show you how cool the Barry M glitter I bought the other week is. Although you can't see it very well, I'm actually in love with it, it looks different all the time and even though it's glitter it's not too over the top. I think that should I ever need something over the top it will be a good point of call though.

This is what I wore yesterday, I love this dress but am so sad that all the beads from the neck keep falling out. Pretty glad I got it in the sale, I would be furious if I'd forked out the original £45 price tag. I really like this outfit actually, I was pretty comfy all day without the usual 'omigawd I'm so hot' episodes that often happen when going in and out of places.

Jacket: New Look (gift)
Bag: Yucca
Necklace: found
Dress: Yumi
Tights: Primark
Shoes: Converse/Amazon

So in love with Models Own Aciiied, definitely a current favourite.
Base colour: BeautyUK, Fuschia No. 42
Spots: Models Own, Aciiied
eBay nail art pen.

As I said, I'm in need of a bit of a change of scenery but it was Vintage Flea Market time over at Spitalfields and it wasn't like I was doing anything else, so I dragged my sister along for an afternoon out.

I managed to nip into Maiden, which was lovely as usual and I spotted these cuties. There are so many adorable salt and pepper shakers around at the moment, particularly on Modcloth, but these are easily the best so far, ever. They're made by Quail Ceramics, the same company that made my pug egg cup and guinea pig money box, everything they do is good as far as I'm concerned, particularly their new goat egg cup.

Maiden is just very good, every one should pop in take a look at all the wonderful things they have to offer.

They were filming some kind of film in a café across from Boxpark, strictly no gawkers, but I managed this sneaky pap.

It was pretty important to pick up some of Cyber Candy's own-brand cola, so Boxpark was on the cards. I've only noticed the great neon underwear signs that Calvin Klein has.

We went to Square Pie for lunch, so tasty. I also loved the packaging for this milk, I'm not really a 'milk as a drink with food' person so I didn't get any, but how sweet are those cows?

We had a wander around the market, as is standard, but there was actually loads to look at that was realistic and affordable, it's just a pity that currently, affordable for me still needs to be free or not at all, but it's a bit vulgar to talk about money so I'll just show you the rest of the snaps.

This is a pretty poor photo but how cool is this vintage luggage?

Here are some cute tiny milk jugs on display in InSpitalfields.

I did manage to get my hands on a can of Cyber Candy cola by the way, it's currently sitting in the fridge though and I've yet to try it, fingers crossed that it's tasty.

It was a good Saturday afternoon, I think it's definitely time to research into other areas to explore though, everything just seems so samey.

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