Saturday, 11 February 2012

Soft kitty.

So, in my 2012, cats are kind of a big deal. So I was pretty damn excited when I saw a Paul & Joe cat-shaped blusher stick in this month's Company, it was the final straw. From beauty to the fact that you can't watch anything on Youtube without ending up on cats, I'm pretty sure that there's not going to be much getting away from pesky felines any time in the near future, so I figure, why not embrace it? And cats are great anyway, so...

The latest collection from Paul & Joe is a bit cat-centric. It's a bit more expensive than I would normally pay but I think it's all still pretty good value for money, plus for the extra money you can have paw-prints in your lipstick and a cat wearing a top hat to greet you when you put on your blusher - I don't even wear blusher!

Paul & Joe Cat Collection Blusher Stick, 'Minou', £21. ASOS

Paul & Joe Cat Collection Eye Shadow, £21. Available in 'Siamese Please' or 'Purr-fect', ASOS

Paul & Joe Cat Collection Lipstick, 'Sex Kitten', £16. ASOS

This range is available exclusively to ASOS, and after discovering Paul & Joe's kitties, I thought I'd take a look to see what else ASOS has to offer on the cat front, it turns out, quite a lot.

NW3 Beau Cat Brooch, £29, ASOS

Moschino Cheap & Chic It's Raining Cats And Dogs Umbrella, £45, ASOS

NW3 Annabel Cat Print Dress in Silk, £169, ASOS

Numph Cat T-Shirt, SALE £22, ASOS

ASOS Cat Print Across Body Bag, £18, ASOS

Dahlia Wrap Midi Dress In Cat Print, SALE £27, ASOS

Pepe Jeans Cat Tee, £40, ASOS

Posted these before, still amazing.
ASOS PURR Over Lasted Suede Wedge, £75, ASOS

Earlier this week, you may remember that I talked about Lazy Oaf, well they too have some sweet cat clothing coming up in their S/S 2012 range, but which one to pick, it's a toughy.

There's also a set of Lazy Oaf badges that I wouldn't mind getting my hands on, especially since losing my Gemma Correll Monday Cat pin at my interview on Monday *creys*

Lazy Oaf Meow Badge Pack, £3.50, Lazy Oaf

Here are some other cat things to round this off, how do you feel about cats? (HA!) I wouldn't even say I'm a 'cat-person', I basically just like any cute, furry animal, like any other normal girl who uses the internet. I definitely like cats more than horses though, although I still find it hard to say no to a horse dress.

Jeffrey Campbell Cat Tapestry Litas, $159.95, Sole Struck — Sadly now sold out :(

I think it would be nice if this was real and accessible.

So, I was looking for some neat cat nail art that I hadn't shown you before, but this came up and I thought this was better. It was posted on this forum and as cute as it may look I think we should all just consider why someone would need to do this...

I hope you enjoyed my cat homage, I think I've exerted all my crazy now, so thanks for that.

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