Sunday, 12 February 2012


I was on a bit of a mission today, to get a few things that I really want and need.
  • Smart flats.

  • A big handbag

  • A box

  • Pretty filing stationery.

  • I actually managed to get none of the above while out in London today. I'm a bit bummed about it because the filing stuff and the box are kind of important to my general state of mind - I currently have a box full of things and the lid is popping off, it's horrible. Despite this, and the fact that I ended up picking up a birthday present for Moon instead - although I got some face glitter, a pretty teal nail polish and a heart-shaped ring for myself - it was still a nice afternoon out.

    Here is what I wore.
    These are gone now. I'm currently in the same state I was in over New Year's Nails, I just can't choose what to do for Valentine's. I think hearts and flowers should be involved but I've gone against going as over-the-top as this for now because I've got an interview on Monday, which is when Moon and I will be having our Valentine's meal.

    Coat, Dorothy Perkins
    Scarf, gift
    Cardigan, Primark
    Dress, Peacocks
    Necklace, found
    Belt, Primark
    Bag, Yucca
    Tights, Superdrug
    Boots, River Island

    My sister took these, and I think she actually did quite a good job. She's always a bit silly about using my SLR because she thinks it's a lot difficult than it actually is.

    The first place we went to was Topshop Oxford St, which has the most beautiful displays at the moment, it looked like it was so much fun to put together. This is where I had hoped to find my handbag, but I actually found that there was either nothing I wanted or anything I did want was unjustifiably expensive, what is with Topshop and being that way?

    I took a few snaps of the displays and I may have got told off but it was all so pretty and over the top. I promise I won't do it again, but maybe make your displays less awesome? There were mannequins sitting on life-size ostriches!

    After a wander up Oxford Street, we went to Liverpool Street to go towards Spitalfields. We had lunch at the amazing Poppies of Spitalfields, a vintage fish & chip shop that I've missed both recent times I've been in the area. It was delicious, and less greasy than regular fish & chips, with the cutest decor and the best music, it was also great value for money as the portions were huge, I'll definitely be returning.

    Cockey rhyming slang wallpaper border

    After our late lunch we went over to Old Spitalfields and Inspitalfields, where I picked up the nicest Valentine's gift, but it's a secret. I'm so in love with InSpitalfields and become more and more so the more times I visit, I think I either need to live there or buy everything they sell.

    The market at Spitalfields was a bit dead, but The Tea Rooms in Brick Lane had some great vintage stuff this week. Including an amazing framed cigarette packet collection that I wish I'd picked up, but at £40 and the fact I currently have nowhere to put it, I just couldn't do it.

    If anyone can tell me what this is, that would be good...

    It was nice to spend some time with my sister outside of home as we've both been very stressed and busy recently. Although I didn't get my retail fix I did get some nice gifts, and I love gift buying, so that's kind of the same...
    It was also lovely to see some sun and actually have the chance to enjoy it, even though it's not quite the same when you're totally wrapped up but still freezing, I'm very much looking forward to spring.

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    1. Aahh your nails look amazing! In the absence of someone to share valentines with I decided to forgo doing anything special to my nails, although after seeing yours I might have to do something after all! x


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