Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Dry the River, The Cricketers.

Last night Moon and I went to see Dry the River for the third time in six months. Either this is a demonstration of my loyalty to Moon and his fanboyism, or a demonstration of my own fangirlism towards them, you decide. They were amazing, the venue was lovely, might have been teaming with hipsters but it was worth it to hear Peter Liddle's beautiful voice.

Here are some photos I took, they are black and white because otherwise they would mainly be yellow.

The support was a nice girl called Lucy Rose, she has her own CD and website and everything, you should go and listen to her.

I know that it's a rubbish as hell photo, but I had to share this guy with you. He was at the gig, eating salad, and not just a little bit of salad, a whole fruitbowl's worth of salad. They make them differently here in 'not quite London'.

Do I think we'll see them again before the year is out? Who knows, they're a really hard working band. They're new single 'Weights and Measures' is out now and it is very good (but it sounds better in real life).

Dry the River official website
Follow Dry the River on Twitter
Download 'Weights and Measures' from iTunes

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