Saturday, 26 November 2011

Life update in pix.

Feeling a lot better now that I have that 'article monkey' off my back. Now to regale you with some fascinating phone photos etc. Only three days left with Ink, super scary stuff, unemployment looming...

As I have mentioned in a few previous posts, I quite like the novelty of having a decent camera on my phone for quick snaps while generally out and about. While saying that, I must also say that the combination of working in an area with so many cool things and not having any money to do anything about it definitely the biggest downer when it comes to interning in Shoreditch, but that's down to the compulsive shopper in me.
I really love Maiden, a shop I intend to visit tomorrow but have passed every day for the last three and a half weeks.
It has the cutest sign outside with such nice things to say for itself, so enticing.

Tomorrow, I have made plans with Moon to soothe my urges to run amok in my lunchbreak and we're going to visit Spitalfields and a few pop-up things that are happening around Brick Lane this weekend. It's the antiques market tomorrow, which I'm very excited about because I didn't get a proper chance to snoop when I was there a couple of Thursday's ago, I adore anything Snooper's Paradise-y.
I never really know where I stand on taxidermy, as a great animal lover as well as a massive fan of the Natural History Museum. I'll probably have to put it out there and say that I quite like it, but you can't deny that this guy has character regardless of your feelings towards stuffed animals.

Regarding my previous statement, the more I see this guy, the more I feel a bit squeamish.

I'm really quite liking all the fog that we're getting at the moment, it makes the walk from home to the station so eerie. I do feel a bit sad that it's now usually dark when I wake up but I think I'm used to it now, I haven't even really been tired this week, despite it being my first actual full and proper five day working week.

This is my favourite outfit from this week, it was so cosy and I think this is my current favourite t-shirt, it's from Tee & Cake at Topshop, which is great but pricey.

So here is a more miscellaneous selection of photos from the last week or so, I'm a bit bummed that I wasn't able to keep as on top of it as I would have liked to, but I've been spending all day at a computer working and I think it would make it less fun if I made myself do this.
This is Ink's atrium, it's quite a nice place to sit, with a comfy sofa and you can nose on people on the other floors while they nose back at you.

I am the first to admit that I'm a fairly clumsy girl, but I never usually hurt myself. When it happened, I thought I hadn't, turns out I did, tripping up concrete stairs is never great. Still can't really kneel, I am an idiot.

Fave Pret lunch, cannot recommend it more highly, there are pistachios!

I met up with my friend Tom for lunch today at Liverpool St Station where there were men everywhere handing out free chocolate, I was running late so rushed past but Tom got two and gave his second one to me ♥. I nearly considered using the discount code inside, but then I remembered that I am poor, if anyone wants it there's 15% off at with the promo code: STAYCLASSY.

I have a few links and pictures saved up for a 'favourite things' post, I found a literal goldmine this morning. I plan to spend this weekend as far away from the computer as far as using it to catch up with Walking Dead as possible so watch this space but it won't be for a few days. Looking forward to getting my first session of Christmas shopping out the way as well as finding somewhere delicious to eat, and of course seeing Moon, I've seen more of regular commuters than I have of him this week. It still sucks that we're not able to live together yet.

Oooft, I should probably get some shut-eye, my lie-in is not very good tomorrow due to a driving lesson (which I still need to get on top of in terms of theory).

In further news, the Battlefront programme is on on Sunday at 8:40am, it seems like years ago, the trailer can be seen here, please don't watch it actually, I want to proof it first ;)

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