Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Humpday loving.

Ink gave me the day off today because they were a bit overcrowded, so I figured that now (I'm still pumped from how great today's rescheduled driving lesson went) was a good a time as anything to show you some things I like this week.

I've been spending less time on the Internet because it's what I do at work all day so this is a smaller selection than usual, but I'm mainly using it as a POR so I can close some damn bookmarks.
As soon as I can justify it, I'm getting this. Vamos! Threads make all kind of neat things with awesome patterns to order, including this 'Crazy Cat Lady' skirt, these wicked leggings and even saddle covers for bikes! Love.

Reminds me of all the hilarious things you can do with Photobooth. I feel for this guy, I get a freckle on both sides of my face too.

I think that Coldplay get too much stick, they are really nice. I also prefer this to Rihanna's original version.

Things I'm loving less this week:
- The cliffhangers at the end of The Walking Dead; What even?! At least give us a double-bill.
- Train delays, in the rain, with no explanation.
- Anyone trying to go to/from the Shepperton route to Waterloo, get off
- The Job Centre and their continuous, unnecessary bureaucracy.
- Frankie Cocozza getting booted out of X Factor; I really wanted to see which song he would butcher next.

Life is going quite well at the moment, I love the feeling of productivity that having a job gives me and having a packed diary is lovely.
It was nice to take today off, only to catch up on sleep though, not that I was particularly sensible with that.

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