Saturday, 19 November 2011

Mr & Mrs Gregory Thomas

So, yesterday I shot my first wedding.
Pretty intense, exciting stuff, but I've had experience shooting events before so in that sense getting the images wasn't too much of a problem. It was only made slightly nerve-racking by the fact that I wasn't given much prior instruction until the day but I muddled through and I just hope that the couple will be happy with the results.
I've created a set on Flickr if you're interested in seeing a few more, but these were my favourites from the day.

I was only hired to shoot the ceremony and the evening reception, bit bummed that I missed a best-man joke that involved a live lamb, but it was fine.

This is a weekend of weddings as I'm going to another one tomorrow, except as a guest, who happens to be being made to take a lot of photos (Mum!).
I'm enjoying the lie-ins this weekend. I've been so disorganised with my sleeping pattern (what else is new?) that it began to slightly affect my mood, which I was quite aggravated about when it came to work.
Anyway, I'll have a few more things coming up soon so watch this space. My friend Sam over at Trash Arts has also asked me to add to the blog I posted about them for an article in a magazine, so that's pretty exciting!

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