Monday, 7 November 2011

Remember, remember.

The weekend flew by and so did today, as I was only at work for half the day thanks to the Job Centre, who still can't sort their life out, I'll try not the mention them again..

I didn't even do that much this weekend, I just know that I probably didn't relax as much as I should have given the slight shock to the system that is getting up at 7 every morning to commute, but I'm over it. I think I'm getting better at commuting anyway, I was actually home a whole half an hour early tonight, despite not leaving the office until 5:35, I was amazed.

My third-favourite time of year (next to my birthday and Christmas) was at the weekend. I love 5th November, fireworks are great fun and I love it when the date falls on a respectable day (Saturdays are the best). People have been trying to ruin it all week with their home displays, but I was holding out for a proper community one. As I mentioned a couple of posts ago I did observe the Kingsmeadow display from afar but was advised to head to Morden.

It was quite weird to see a bonfire up close as it's been such a long time since I have, I was always too small to see much of the Cosham one while we were in Portsmouth and I haven't been to Brockham in ages. It's kind of eerie, in an exciting way, there's something quite primal about fire that hypnotises people.

Obviously I brought my camera so I took a few snaps of the very loud funfair, and of both bonfires and both firework displays. It was quite a weird evening, with there being themes and music set for each firework display, the first being Disney and the later one being 'Best of British', including a brilliant soundbite of the Queen wishing us a happy Christmas! (yep.)
I really enjoyed it and it was nice to see what the £7 (yes, SEVEN) was going towards. However, as a recent graduate, I'm still more than serious when it comes to 'value for money' and although the displays and bonfires were great, I think the timings were terrible. I was very distraught that I was unable to get home in time for X Factor, I'm kidding but standing in the dark when it's cold isn't exactly fun when you've paid £7 to be there and some pumped up DJ is telling you it's only going to be another 5 minutes, every 10 minutes. Sort it out for next year Merton council, plz.

My sister and I bought some cotton candy thinking that it would be great, before we even got halfway through, it wasn't.

I think it's just the camera that made this weird and I kind of like it but it does make you think about what a weird celebration Guy Fawke's night is.

This man was ready to light the second bonfire around half an hour before word was given that he was allowed to. He just sat on a crate for that half hour holding a stick he had lit from the first bonfire, in front of everyone while we shivered.

It was a fun evening, I'm just sad that I have to wait a whole year until I see another proper fireworks display. I wanted to end the night by watching V for Vendetta but time ran away with me again. I must try harder to savour weekends and additional free time - new rule.

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