Sunday, 29 November 2009

Let's Wrestle!

I think this is quite a wonderful set on it's own, it's a shame that for the project I kind of have to limit myself to 'only Moon' - I'm not changing it but in terms of images like these, it's a bit annoying.
The lighting in these are quite good as well. I enjoyed taking them, and letting other people take some of them.
Last night was a good night. I have almost no idea why everyone is arm-wrestling.

This is my favourite.

© Ruth Johnston 2009

I'm glad I have images to show on Tuesday now, I was so panicked, half the time they don't care about your research - but there are so many people who've not even begun to think about starting yet. My research needs to get a move on though, but with this weather it's hard to find the motivation and not just go back to bed where it's warm.

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