Friday, 27 November 2009

Thank you Mr. Postman.

These came in the post.

From It's Nice That.
From Vistaprint.

I don't know if I'm obligated to promote Vice as a Vice student ambassador, but I'm doing it at every opportunity anyway. Apparently they're not taking that many on anymore.
Quite like my business cards, feel so professional, they came with a neat 'business card case' too, but that's too shiny to Photobooth. I'm not sure if the cathedral will let me use them at the exhibition because the woman that works there didn't want 'undesirables' getting hold of our information and ringing us etc. How would 'desirables' be able to get in touch though?
Regarding the exhibition, most things are going alright, but my group has to wait on the others for information on sponsors and guest speakers, as well as addresses for who other students want to invite. It's got kind of tense between the group as well, which is a bit annoying but I can deal with it because I don't actually care enough.
Brief two is coming along alright as well because I have plenty of research - I still need to put it in my RDB, but once it's in there it will look badass.
For tonight though, I am going to drink wine in my pyjamas and watch Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, because it's the weekend and I have actually done stuff today.

I slept 11 hours last night - I went to bed at quarter to 11. It was quite good. But I think it's slightly too much sleep. For some reason I was mega-tired yesterday.

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