Monday, 11 January 2010


One of the arguable downsides to having a publicised blog is the fact that any time you have a feeling against a situation, it is fine, it can be ranted about as much as you want because almost no one will criticise you for it, yet if it's a person you have an issue with, you have to be really secretive about it and definitely not ever mention names - you know, just incase they see it.

It comes back to being just as bad as the kind of people who think it's stress relieving to go, "Go fuck yourself, I don't care about you anyway etc" on Facebook, when the person who they're talking about it probably knows - and ultimately doesn't care, but no one else understands and assumes they must have some kind of mental problem. No one ever asks anybody anything properly these days, that would be too weird, "Oh, I saw your Facebook status, what was that about?"
Half the time it isn't actually any of anyone's business but we feel the need to share it nonetheless.

With a blog, we can be much more thorough and if we wanted, could probably explain everything that is wrong with a particular person in detail, just not their name or any obvious traits that may give it away. That's what's annoying about a blog like this, because even though there is an urge to keep it private because there are people I don't like that I want to bitch about, they may see it. However, although I don't want them to see that, I want as many people as possible to see what I'm achieving within my work and how my image-taking is improving.
I guess I'll just have to stick to bitching in person and go back to trusting people.

Today is a particularly difficult day for this, not for talking to people - that would be odd - but for resisting the urge to blog about how ridiculous certain people can be.

Because I write about most other aspects within my life and people are certainly a subject I talk about a lot in real life, there's always a bit of a test to decide what to hold back sometimes. I'll admit it I have slipped up a couple of times here so far, but I used the classic tricks, so overall it's fine, no one got hurt and I let off enough steam. I used to be really bad at it, and it made a few people kind of angry.

Overall writing like this is just as much about the editing process as the photographs I've uploaded, and it's something I enjoy and am interested in. I don't have any other outlet to utilise these skills other than essay writing, and written journals don't excite me, at the moment I feel that taking time out to write about anything is a pretty good way to de-stress, and I don't have to sum it up in 140 characters or tell 200 people every time.

Here is a man with a death wish, note the bike.

Here are a couple of extras from Portsmouth Cathedral.

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