Sunday, 16 October 2011

646: Post-Battlefront update.

Nothing exciting to really talk about but as a result of my involvement with Walk 4 Work, I received a letter from HMV HR yesterday asking me to have a look at their jobs site. It's not a job offer, but I think that the fact they sent out letters demonstrates the impact that Battlefront and Ready 4 Work had on them.

More press featuring Ready 4 Work has also come out. We were in The Daily Mail and there was also an article on the BBC News website. It is nice to feel part of something, particularly something like this and especially when I was feeling so down about job hunting before.

I'm going to try and 'get away from it all' today and take in some nature, I have a busy few days ahead of me too so it will give me some time to de-stress before re-stressing.

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