Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Serial Youth.

So my blog about Battlefront's Walk 4 Work has received a nice amount of attention since I posted it yesterday. Thanks to the Battlefront team for promoting it both last night on Facebook and again this morning on Twitter, that was really awesome of you.

I have also just been featured as a guest blogger over at The Employable. I've been in touch with The Employable for a while over Twitter now so it was super nice of them to take a bit of interest. Their message is the same as Ready 4 Work's just because you're unemployed, does not mean that you're unemployable. The Employable's blog features tips on how to keep yourself motivated while on a job hunt, as well as interesting articles relating to interview tips and employability. With regular guest posts as well as 25 years combined management, recruitment, sales and HR experience, it's hard to not listen.

Check out The Employable, maybe they'll help you on your job hunt and they will definitely help perk you up.

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