Friday, 14 October 2011

TGIF. 14/10

It seems that I've been pretty much rushed off my feet this week, the Job Centre will be pleased. I've been in newspaper and everything, surely I can categorise that as networking or something.

Anyway, even though I've definitely not been bored, I'm definitely knackered, it's so nice to finally get a chance to relax. The job hunt has been going quite well, I've been put forward for two roles within Nikon, which would be cool, and I have an interview with a fashion PR and marketing agency for an internship. Obviously, as usual, I've applied for a lot more jobs than I received replies for, but I'm feeling a lot more upbeat about the situation.

Other than the usual job hunt and being a celebrity, I've spent the remainder of my time this week internet shopping, Tumbling, watching TV and getting into Patrick Stump. Nothing particularly exciting but here are some nice things I've seen/found this week.

I just bought this online from River Island,I really hope it works out as a decent camera/handbag, it would be a nice alternative until I get enough dollar for a Jo Totes bag. It is advertised as a camera bag so here's hoping.

(via tr0llop)
I hate it when things like this come up on Tumblr, where do you actually find them in real life?! I'd love the burgundy pair.

(via BuzzFeed)
There's a whole Tumblr dedicated to these kind of images. They are cute though, and in some cases really well done in terms of matching colour schemes and the type (I know what I'm saying) to the point of fashion.

I guess that you've probably realised now that I do love a good mash-up and I apologise for last week's poor efforts, but I think this might make it up to you. Now that Fall Out Boy don't exist anymore it's probably perfectly acceptable to appreciate Patrick Stump's voice again right? I've discovered that his debut solo album, 'Soul Punk' is coming out next Tuesday and I'm on it. I also think that he looks quite nice. I was once a Fall Out Boy fan but I grew out of it, his new album possesses qualities found in FOB's metaphorical/visual lyrics but it's much more upbeat, and look at him. *Swoon*
I can't believe that he ever looked like this:

You can currently listen to the album in full over on the Rolling Stone website. Soul Punk is due for release on 18th October.

(via TotalFilm)

  • The Only Way is Dalston: As if I needed an excuse to hate East-London hipsters any more. Seems mildly amusing, but I think that it's only because of Vice's spin on it. A mock-trailer can be seen here.
  • Little White Lies print shop: So many films I appreciate/prints I need.
  • The Jane Doze appreciating me appreciating them:
  • My guest blog over at TheEmployable.
  • News about the new American Pie movie and a redband trailer: All the cast are back and it looks like it might actually be funny.

  • I was told this week to 'play up my stats' if I get the chance to to in an interview. I think I will, but I have also thought that even if no one actually looks at this, it's nice to have a visual record of things.

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