Thursday, 20 October 2011

I love post.

Internet shopping is the best because when everything comes it's like getting presents.

I was kind of hoping that all of these items would be bad because I was having some serious buyer's remorse before they arrived. Sadly, for my bank account I love all of these. The River Island camera bag is looking set to be great and will come in very useful as it's sturdy and deceptively big.

Camera bag: River Island

I also picked up these boots, I'm nervous to wear them because I don't really own anything like these.

Buckle ankle boots: River Island

This t-shirt is from illustrator Jenni Sparks. I came across her blog/shop when one of my friends on Facebook posted her 'Things Hipster's Love' print, which is also lovely. Given my 'new found fame' (jk) I figured it was important that I picked up this tee from her Etsy store. I think you should check her out, she has lots of other nice things.

T-shirt: Jenni Sparks Illustration

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