Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween memories.

As I've mentioned, this is the first Halloween that I've not done anything in three years. It's very strange, I wonder how many other post-uni graduates feel a slight remorse for Halloween. Hometowns never are the same as Unitowns and what about all those great friends?

Anyway, I thought I would share a selection of photos with you from the last three years. I quite like dressing up, but I'll admit the lack of imagination for last year, I was supposed to be a bat, but basically just went all out with fake blood instead.




Please excuse me while I nostalgia over everything.

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  1. I definitely have a slight remorse for Halloween! I'm not huge on dressing up but I've always had fun whenever I've dressed up in the past. The first 2 years of uni, living in halls, were so much fun! Everyone got into it and it was still early enough in the year that people hadn't separated into little groups so everyone just hung out together. And I used my creative talents to win a pumpkin carving contest so that was good! Haha

    But last year I was living at home and now this year I live in the countryside so there's not even going to be any trick or treaters to make it feel like halloween!

    I like the panda costume :)


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