Friday, 21 October 2011

Deer me.

I am very behind on the photo-front. As I mentioned a few posts ago, on Sunday I went to commune with nature. By that I mean that I went on a walk to Richmond Park - I think next time we will go in the car because to walk nearly for three hours and to have an hour's walk back is quite annoying.
I never knew that Richmond Park was that close to my house though, maybe it's because I've never taken the time to explore before, but it's nice and I like seeing so many animals and so much green.

Moon took this and using my 70-300mm, I love how hazy it looks and the backlighting.

I love deer and although I know that Richmond Park is well known for deer, I wasn't expecting there to be that many so openly wandering around. The first one we saw was on it's own and hidden in the woods, but the further into the park we walked, the more we saw and the more out in the open they were.

It's so great to spend time with Moon doing these kinds of things, it makes me look forward to him finishing his dissertation and finally feeling as though he deserves time to do stuff like this.

Apparently you can find fandom anywhere and apparently Richmond Park has it's own fanboys. This guy loves deer even more than me!

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