Sunday, 23 October 2011

651: All I got was a bit of knowledge and some free pens.

Yesterday, I attended an NUJ training workshop at NUJ headquarters. It was pretty swell, I got to see a lot of the faces from the NUJ Delegate Meeting and we spent the day learning about how to go about establishing chapels within universities and the workplace, something that may come in useful on this upcoming placement.

I really need to sort out renewing my membership, I will do this as soon as my (probably) last instalment on JSA comes in - wow this post is just full of acronyms.
I found the whole day really useful, I'm now considering further workshops that the NUJ offer, particularly relating to CVs and interviews but we'll see how my life is going once this internship starts. I am hoping that I can forward on all this information to my past tutor in order to establish a chapel within Portsmouth university, I would really like her to take me up on the offer, and I can give her so many free pens.

The press card is just one of the many benefits of being a member of the National Union of Journalists, you also get to go to things like this and meet lots of really nice people. As well as sharing knowledge and making friends, you sometimes get lucky and get free USBs and a drink at the end of the day.

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