Monday, 31 October 2011

Sorry bank account.

I'm making a promise to myself and my bank account that this will be the last unnecessary spend until Christmas.
The next, and only, things my money will be going on are renewing my NUJ membership and my travel money, which should be reimbursed anyway.

I couldn't help myself, this morning I spotted that Tee and Cake had released a new dinosaur tee in Topshop, so I popped in while I was in Kingston this afternoon. However, after discovering that it was really black, I decided against it and found this beaut. I'd love to own the whole collection of Tee and Cake's animal diagram t-shirts, but they are a bit pricey even for their quality and cute prints.

Tee and Cake, Topshop, £20

As I was panicking over 'casual office wear' I picked up this, as well as a glittery cord-belt skirt (which didn't photograph well). I love it, the print is beaut and it's a really good go-to item for dressing up or down. I disagree with the £17 price-tag though, I think Primark needs to remember what they are. Have you heard that they're setting up a Primark concession on Oxford Street? I mean come on!

Primark, £17

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